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Helping software development companies to streamline their software development and IT operations processes

Welcome to LEKSQ

We are a young and modern DevOps as a Service provider that is dedicated to helping our clients to enable faster and more efficient software development and deployment

We provide a wide range of tools, technologies, and services that assist organizations in implementing and adopting DevOps principles

We are committed to addressing your unique DevOps challenges and empowering your business to thrive. With our expertise, proven methodologies, and customer-centric approach, we deliver exceptional results


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Our technical interview passing rate more than 80%

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our expertise​

Our average DevOps engineer has 7 years of experience

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Middle DevOps rate starting from 29 $/hour

You control your
team fully​

We will replace, decrease, expand team in 48 hours upon your request

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75%+ of our projects were enterprise size infrastructures

You can be sure
you are using
most efficient tools

There are over 70 instruments we master



LEKSQ helps software companies achieve higher efficiency in Development and Operations, quicker time to market, and better quality of software builds with early identification of emerging issues, always letting the code be in a releasable state

We strive to bring the following practices to every project we work on:

  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Testing
  • Infrastructure as a Code
  • Configuration Management
  • Policy as a Code

We practice outstaffing, outsourcing working models, and Fixed Price and Time&Material contract types

Our usual work plan:

  • Conduct a thorough technology assessment;
  • Find the best DevOps solution;
  • Identify the best DevOps tools and model;
  • Create a comprehensive roadmap;
  • Optimize the existing infrastructure;
  • Get constant support.

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our tools

Our technological framework

We believe in utilizing the right tools for the job and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends

With our extensive toolset and expertise, we can help you achieve your DevOps goals effectively and efficiently


Here are some of the key tools and solutions we employ:

  • Cloud platforms
  • Containers / Virtualization
  • CI/CD
  • GitOps
  • Provisioning, orchestration and IaaC
  • Source Control and Git flow platforms
  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Scripting
  • Databases and Clustering, Message Queues, streaming
  • Various web toolkits
  • Web build tool set
  • Testing tool set
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Contact us to get a free 1-hour DevOps consultation to discuss your needs!

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